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Wedding photography is all about the beauty of a moment. The most beautiful moment could be at a flicker of a second, and a good photograph is always about keeping the moment from running away. At Suriya Edits & Photography, we are a hyper enthusiastic bunch of obsessively passionate people who are constantly listening with our eyes. We believe and surrender to the power of a good photograph.

Established in 2016, Suriya Edits is an all in one professional studio specializing in commercial, industrial, portraiture, documentary, product photography, and videography. One of the leading photography studios in Tamilnadu, Suriya Edits was founded by Mr Suriya,

He adores what he does with his camera, and loves being able to use his skills to capture some key moments for his clients that make them happy – one day, he can be in a studio doing staged shoots taking close up shots of products, the next standing by a seprate places capturing memorable shots for a newlywed couple, or taking candid photographs of a family get together event that are reflective of the exact dynamic and energy of the family. He appreciates how privileged he is to be able to do what he does, and always tries to make sure that his photos capture the moment in the best manner possible to do it real justic.

We take our craft seriously.

The Indian wedding photography and videography scenario have transformed from simple coverage into thematic documentary-style wedding films and albums. Our wedding photographers and cinematographers work on telling simple wedding tales that are innovative yet exceptional, not moving away from our inimitable fun and off-beat candid style filming. Using the very latest and best technology available on the market right now, our candid wedding photography films are tailor-made for your big day and perfectly complement your unique wedding albums.

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